Advanced Cashflow Strategies

Discover new twists and tricks to grow your account with bigger returns and less risk.

Peter Schultz

How to Fine Tune Your Spread Trading for Bigger Fills, Less Risk and Higher Returns

Although you may have already been trading credit spreads for a while there are critical factors unknown to most traders that will greatly improve your odds of success–and help you thrive even when trades don’t go as planned. This is a partial list of what we’ll be covering the first day:

*How to identify a spread trade with the ideal balance between probability and return
*Discover the 5 key elements to massively stack the probabilities in your favor–miss any one of them and your trade is far riskier than it should be
*Learn the two key directional factors that statistically increase your probability by 70%
*See the three options Greeks critical to any spread trade and how to work them to your benefit.
*The right Delta to sell–and how to use the natural movement of the stock to gain more premium dramatically increasing your returns
*How to use volatility to synthetically shorten the time to expiration so time decay adds premium to your account faster
*How to use the thinkorswim platform to quickly see the relationship between implied volatility and historical volatility–and whether the relationship offers a good risk/reward set-up
*See what to trade–what to look for in a stock or index to determine if it’s a prime credit spread candidate.

Plus we’ll explore special situations–like earnings season–where we can use advanced strategies to safely boost our returns.

Dr. Keith Wade

Discover the Profit Compelling Magic of Seasonality

Dr. Keith Wade holds two Ph.D.’s in finance and teaches online classes at two different universities–that tells us he’s put in some serious time and effort into figuring out the dynamic forces of money at work. Which could explain his real passion–trading.

As we’ve learned through trading spreads, consistent profits are about finding a dependable, repeatable edge–and exploiting it. At this live event, Dr. Wade will be sharing his biggest edge–an advantage that has generated thousands of dollars in trading profits. Most traders just focus on whether we’re in a bear market or bull market–but there are more subtle forces at work.

The markets–like everything else on planet Earth–are subject to seasonal forces. Once these seasonal forces are discovered they provide a ‘wind at your back’ edge that dramatically increases your probability of winning.

You may be surprised to learn how consistent these forces can be–especially as applied to certain stocks. Combine these calendar driven advantages with the leverage of options–and in some cases futures–and you’ll have an advantage that can generate large repeatable profits. The method you’ll learn has provided such a consistent advantage Dr Wade says he wouldn’t trade without it–and maybe you shouldn’t either.

Dorian Punj

Brilliant Spread Strategist Reveals the 50 Million Dollar Secret to Outperforming the Best Hedge Funds in the World 

Dorian Punj is President and CEO of Ellevity Capital–a private hedge fund that manages over 50 million dollars of his own and his client’s money.

Try to imagine that kind of responsibility–making trades when there is literally millions on the line–especially when the majority of the money isn’t yours. You’d have a lot to answer for if things went wrong.

That’s why you might be fascinated to learn the strategy Dorian employs…

He sells credit spreads on the SPX.

Sound familiar? True–the basic advantages are the same–time decay, delta, and volatility collapse. But before you get too comfortable with knowing how Dorian trades, know that what is does is completely different–and brilliant.

Since establishing his fund in late 2013 the SP-500 had risen 52% by the end of 2017–pretty impressive. But nothing like Dorian’s performance–over the same time period Dorian blew away those gains by turning in a mind-boggling 144% total return–a jaw-dropping 276% outperformance! And he did it trading huge amounts of money in the real world. And those returns are after he deducted the standard 2% management fee and 20% of profits!

Financial advisors are constantly telling us you can’t outperform the indices–but obviously that’s not true because Dorian’s done it for the past five years.

The key, of course, is how he does it. To the best of my knowledge, Dorian has never spoken to a group like ours to reveal how he generates these kinds of consistent monthly profits–and he may never again–but he’s going to at this event, which makes this one presentation you can’t afford to miss.