1000% Returns

Starting with tiny seed capital it’s exciting to watch or investments grow

How to Catapult Your Wealth through Tiny Start-ups Poised for Exponential Growth

These early-stage investments are compelling because they hold the potential to multiply our money far beyond anything larger more established companies can offer. In looking at the world’s wealthiest individuals we find the majority of them made their fortunes by holding massive amounts of stock–usually in their own companies–that climbed from pennies to dollars creating exponential wealth.

We don’t own or run our selected companies–but we’ve got the next best thing–gaining access to management to get in on the earliest rounds of financing, often at the lowest levels ever offered. And even when we invest on the open market it’s at prices that represent a huge value compared to the stock’s upside potential.

So even though we don’t run these companies, at this event you’ll gain access to those who do. We’ll hear from the executives of our 1000% return investments with presentations that detail what the company is doing and where they are going. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and meet these executives personally–both during the event and afterwards at a special mixer just for this purpose.

Depending on where these investments are sitting at the time of the event this might be as much of a celebration as an investigation. For example, we bought 100,000 shares of Know Labs (KNWN) for 25 cents per share–or $25,000 dollars–and at this writing that investment is worth around $400,000. That’s a spectacular 1500% just since June.

Plus we bought into Quantum (QUBT) at 1.00–and the stock has been ranging between 6.00 and 14.00–an astounding increase.

As great as those returns are–we expect the best is yet to come.

Our other investments are also doing well–and that’s okay with us. Of course, there are challenges along the way but good things are happening with these companies–and to find out just how good you’ll want to be there.

One of the world’s first billionaires–Aristotle Onassis–is widely quoted as saying the ‘secret to business is knowing something nobody else knows’–so even though these executives can’t disclose inside information, you’ll still know a lot more about what’s going on with your 1000% Return investments by listening to these executives and learning their plans, progress, challenges and victories right up to the event and in the months ahead.

And depending on where they are on their financing there may be a few shares available for those attending the event–to either add to an existing position or start a new one.

So if you are involved in any of these investments–or would like to be–you really need to be at this event.